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This “site” is aimed at listing those 78RPM/Shellac records that are manufactured ànd released in the Netherlands. Records manufactured outside the Netherlands, but (also) released in the Netherlands (and all variations there of) are out of scope.

“Dutch Decca” was the first major record company with its own plant and recording studios in the Netherlands, starting in the course of 1934. These records may be recognized by the texts “Nederlandsch Fabrikaat” and “Fabr(iqué) en Hollande”. Later “Made in Holland” was the standard.

As “Dutch Decca” was the first major, this site starts with the catalogue of Dutch Decca. Other majors will follow (most of them if not all, had their own plants etc. in the Netherlands only from 1948 onwards).

Prefix F + 5 digits, starting with 42000: started in 1934, discontinued after 1943
Prefix M + 5 digits, starting with 32000: started in 1934 untill the end of shellac
Prefix M + 5 digits, starting with 64100: started in 1957 untill the end of shellac
Prefix X + 5 digits, starting with 10000: started in 1946, discontinued 1950/1
Prefix XP + 5 digits, starting with 6000: started in 1947 (?), discontinued 1952(?); format was 30cm/12″, but later catalogues indicate that also format 25cm/10″ was used in this series.
PANACHORD, Decca budget label:
Prefix H + 4 digits, starting with 1000: started in 1937, discontinued after 1941
Prefix AM, starting with 1 in 1933, last number 2165 (?) in 1950. The date in the second column is the date of recording (many missing).
Last column denotes the catalogue number of the record on which the recording was released (in a few cases including releases outside The Netherlands)
Take numbers fall outside scope.

Other series were pressed by Dutch Decca, like prefix BM and prefix F+4 digits (UK series), but these fall outside the scope.

Year after catalogue number is the release year (though many are still absent), but at this moment these are still “un-double-checked” and thus unconfirmed.

A number of sources are used, but it remains a problem to get the catalogue complete.

To be sure: this site will not include any history on the companies, labels etc.

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