Decca – Music While You Work

In februari 1950 werd door Decca Nederland de UK serie Music While You Work geintroduceerd; wellicht werd echter maar een deel van de serie in Nederland uitgebracht. De catalogusnummers zijn niet altijd gelijk aan die van Decca UK.
Over de Nederlandse serie is weinig informatie te vinden; de volgende catalogusnummers werden tot nu als in Nederland geperst gevonden.

– Catalogusnummer + [Cat.nummer Decca UK indien te achterhaleb; volledigheid wordt niet nagestreefd]
– Jaar van uitbreng (indicatief en ongecontroleerd
= (zeer) waarschijnlijk (01 t/m 12 = maanden)
= definitief
– Uitvoerenden
– Matrijsnummer kant A
– Matrijsnummer kant B
– Titel op kant A
– Titel op kant B

W101 021950 Jack Simpson and The Freedom Boys ???? | ???? »Mad about Music« Selection »Down Argentine Way« Slection
W102 [MW60?] 021950 Pat Dodd & Cecil Norman (piano’s) ???? | ???? – It Had to Be You
– Don’t Be that Way
– The Sheik of Araby
– Chinatown
W103 021950 Ronnie Munro and his waltz orchestra ???? | ???? Casino Tänze Tesoro Mio
W104 02/031950 Primo Scala and his accordeon band ???? | ???? – We’re a Couple of Soldiers
– Smooth Sailing
– Mon Homme
– Elizabeth
W108 1950 Percival Mackey and his band DR7499 | DR7506 »Sing As We Go« Medley – Part 1
– Round the Marble Arch
– Sing As We Go
– Where Are the Lads of the Village
– Around the Corner
»Sing As We Go« Medley – Part 2
– Now Are We All Here
– When Johnny Comes Marching Home
– We All Go the Same Way Home
– The Laddies Who Fought and Won
– Sing As We Go
W109 1950 Jack Simpson and The Freedom Boys DR7464 | DR7465 »Pinocchio Selection«
– Give a Little Whistle
– When You Wish upon a Star
– Hi-Diddle-Di-Di
– Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
– Lovely to Look at
– I Won’t Dance
W111 1950/1 Max Abrams and His Rhythm Makers DR8333 | DR8334 – Whispering Grass
– For Me And My Girl
– Marie
– Don’t Be Angry
W114 1950/1 The Jerry Allen Trio DR7479 | ????? Bugle Call Rag geentitel
W123 1951 The Campfire Cowboys DR7674 | DR7675 Hill Billy Medley No. 7
– Old Faithful
– Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle
Hill Billy Medley No. 8
– Mexicali Rose
– The Strawberry Roan
– The Man On The Flying Trapeze
W126 [MW302] 06/071951 Al Collins and his orchestra DR9097 | DR9098 – Swinging on a Star
– Choc’late Soldier from the U.S.A.
– Dance with a Dolly (with a Hole in Her Stocking)
– The Trolley Song

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