Decca – Music While You Work

Na 1945 werd door Decca Nederland de UK serie Music While You Work (gedeeltelijk?) geperst en uitgebracht. Echter: de Nederlandse catalogusnummering is niet gelijk aan de UK-serie. Over de Nederlandse serie is weinig informatie te vinden.

W108 194? Percival Mackey and his band DR7499 | DR7506 »Sing As We Go« Medley – Part 1
-Round the Marble Arch
-Sing As We Go
-Where Are the Lads of the Village
-Around the Corner
»Sing As We Go« Medley – Part 2
-Now Are We All Here
-When Johnny Comes Marching Home
-We All Go the Same Way Home
-The Laddies Who Fought and Won
-Sing As We Go
W111 194? Max Abrams and His Rhythm Makers DR8333 | DR8334 -Whispering Grass
-For Me And My Girl
-Don’t Be Angry
W114 194? The Jerry Allen Trio DR7479 | ????? Bugle Call Rag [niet bekend]
W123 194? The Campfire Cowboys DR7674 | DR7675 Hill Billy Medley No. 7
-Old Faithful
-Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle
Hill Billy Medley No. 8
-Mexicali Rose
-The Strawberry Roan
-The Man On The Flying Trapeze

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